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As an entrepreneurship group, we are always looking to expand of area of work to different and new industries so stay tuned for our latest launches.

AVILA Integradores

Work smart, then hard.

AVILA is a general IT integrator, from on premises or cloud infraestructure management all the way to managing software development projects.


El Estándar de Presencia en Social Media en Español

tresensocial facilitates brands incursion in the social media space. Helping individuals and organizations to operate their digital life in a professional and effective way. tresensocial helps you build and train your own digital team, with assisted digital operation.


Business Consulting Services

At GAVIT, we offer Business Consulting & Coaching to organizations and individuals who are looking to develop their areas of technology, innovation and business processes.

Octopus 1501

Digital Properties made easy

Octopus 1501 team will create and manage your Digital Properties, using the most efficient web platforms and creating engaging content for them.


AVILAPRO Group is an effect of our founder entrepreneurship lifestyle, with more that 20 years of experience, Jorge Avila has created different businesses that now operate as a group, facilitating its operation and offering our customers a wider array of services.


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Jorge Avila
Jorge Avila
Founder & CEO

An activist soul with a business man mind and a good samaritan heart.

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Fast or slow, but not still.

"Too many things to make them happen, so few time available. That’s why I call it magic." .- Jorge Avila